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Available now - JANUARY 2016

Available on Amazon is the debut poetry collection, It's the Hurry That Kills Us, from our talented, raw and authentic writer,  C.E. Nelson.

The mind of C.E. Nelson can be an absurdly dark one at times, and at others, can be a beacon of love. Most of the time, it's bottled up with emotions. However, after going through a painful relationship, he found that writing was the only release. The poems contained in this book were written over the course of a year as he was quickly jumping from one thing to another and did find ... it really is the hurry that kills us.

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c.e. nelson

Chad has been writing on and off for the past 20 years, however, he has done a lot more of it in the past year. He likes to describe his writing style as 'abstract rebellion.' When Chad is not writing, he works a thankless job to provide a living for him and his daughter.

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