"We felt immortal then. So we jumped - and flew as we fell and figured out being human as we soared. . . "

"The mirage of me, of that girl you think you see; well, I think I'm in love with her too."

"There are those that carry their eyes with them everywhere,
they pull them out of their purses and pockets and
use them to smile at language."

"I burned it all. Yet, now all I wish is for something with the

scent of you, to cover up the stench of ashes."

"I often find the most beautiful people are the ones who were burned by the fire and kept walking."

"If the stars have the audacity to align, who are we to refuse them?"

" - but that moment stays pure. . . the black shimmer of a shameless rainbow oil slick - "

"The strongest people I know are not 'strong' by definition, at all. They are mistake-makers. They are mess-creators. They are survivors."

"Some mornings I long for a mushroom cloud on the horizon, just to relieve my ennui."

Radiant Sky
Publishing Group

"There is a dark thing that lives inside of me."