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Radiant Sky
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new release - February 2016

Heavy Crowns is the work of a young woman trying to make sense of the many boulders on her back and why some of them feel more like home than home itself.

This is a journey and a peek into the confines of a mind that is still trying to understand the spectrum of what it is to be human. To feel less than human. To feel more than human. It is an attempt to shine light on voiceless atrocities and applaud underrated strength and beauty.

This is a journey set on roads meant to stir and heal. Heavy Crowns is a journey set on roads meant to make you listen and feel a little uncomfortable and a lot more human.

Available now Amazon, you don't want to miss this ground-breaking work from a voice we will be hearing much more from in years to come.      #heavycrowns2016

Anna corniffe

Anna Corniffe is a born and bred Jamaican writer. At 22 years old, she is still figuring out how to work this life thing. So she started with writing and now she is here - with her two cats and cherry Jolly Ranchers.

Her debut book of poetry, Heavy Crowns, will be published early 2016.