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erotographomania: love letters to m 

by c.r. andrews


Erotographomania: Love Letters to M chronicles an all-consuming love affair between the author and the woman who fueled his creative fire and obsession.

This book is something different than standard poetry. It is comprised mainly of transcriptions of real letters written to M as well as the corresponding photos of the originals. They show the progression of how this love grew to a nearly uncontrollable level and borderline madness.

Throughout the book are insights and lectures on this unique affliction, his love for M, and the concept of love itself.

Want to know how it started? How it grew? Want to know what became of C and M? You’ll have to read it to find out. 



Heavy Crowns is the work of a young woman trying to make sense of the many boulders on her back and why some of them feel more like home than home itself.

This is a journey and a peek into the confines of a mind that is still trying to understand the spectrum of what it is to be human. To feel less than human. To feel more than human.

It is an attempt to shine light on voiceless atrocities and applaud underrated strength and beauty.

This is a journey set on roads meant to stir and heal.
Heavy Crowns is a journey set on roads meant to make you listen and feel a little uncomfortable and a lot more human.

 Available now via Amazon, you don't want to miss this ground-breaking work from a voice we will be hearing much more from in years to come.      #heavycrowns2016

of yesteryear by lauren eden

AVAILABLE NOW on amazon!​​

Of Yesteryear is a collection of poetry that effortlessly transcribes the chaos of the never ending battle between head and heart. In her debut, Lauren Eden’s succinct and beautiful observations of human nature and its gains and losses will lead readers to understand their own journey in love and self discovery - now, and of yesteryear.

Lauren Eden's work shows her perspective on everything and sums it up as if she has been there before. She is the fly on the wall and in the ointment. Both aloof and warm, magnanimous yet unforgiving. Her words are the ones you can never find or the ones you are afraid to say. She can sum up any situation with a flip of her hair. She is inside your head. She writes as if she can see right through everyone, including herself. Love is both useless and beautiful, life is not as complicated as you think, and she is going to rip the band aid off quickly whether you like it or not.

 independent. motivated. collaborative. inspired.

burning muses by j.r. rogue



I've burned muses. 
I've felt little remorse. 
I stored our tales. 
I sold them for this life— 
this luxury, 
this ease. 
Their sighs and lies 
led me to believe they 
enjoyed the dance too. 
I've burned muses. 
I laughed at those tales. 
Then I met him.

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